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Family Mediation

At Sage Mediation, we specialize in navigating the complexities of family disputes with compassion and professionalism. A Florida Supreme Court-certified Family Mediator, Sarah is dedicated to helping couples peacefully resolve issues related to divorce and paternity. Our mission is to reduce these conflicts’ emotional toll and stress, ensuring a smoother transition for all parties involved.

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What sets Sage Mediation and Consulting apart?

Sarah is not an attorney

Opting for a non-attorney mediator like Sarah in your divorce or family dispute resolution process brings a fresh perspective that emphasizes neutrality, understands the core issues at stake, and fosters an open dialogue and collaborative solution-finding environment. Without the constraints of a legal framework, Sarah focuses on what truly matters to the parties involved, steering discussions toward understanding and mutual agreement rather than entrenched legal positions.

Sarah’s extensive experience outside of the legal field equips her with unique skills, enabling her to approach conflicts with innovative solutions that might not emerge within traditional legal reasoning. Her role as a neutral facilitator encourages all parties to communicate more openly, breaking down barriers to cooperation and allowing for a more fluid, constructive dialogue.

This approach not only leads to more personalized and satisfactory resolutions but is also cost-effective, saving parties the extensive fees often associated with legal proceedings. By prioritizing the interests and needs of the parties over legal technicalities, Sarah creates a space where solutions are not only reached collaboratively but are also more likely to be sustainable and mutually beneficial in the long run.

Choosing Sarah for your divorce mediation needs means investing in a process that values your voice, seeks creative resolutions, and aims for outcomes that respect the interests of all involved.

Flexible Hours and Affordable Rates

Her rates are affordable for everyone, particularly couples with a combined income of $150,000 or less. Quality mediation should be accessible to everyone and provide exceptional service without breaking the bank.

Flexible Scheduling: Life is busy, and finding time for mediation can be a hurdle. Sarah offers flexible hours to accommodate your schedule, including evenings and weekends. Your time is valuable, and I am committed to providing convenient options to fit your life.

Why Choose Mediation to Resolve Your Divorce or FamilyDispute?

Swift and Efficient: Divorces taken to court can drag on for weeks or months, consuming valuable mental and financial resources. SMC mediation services offer a streamlined and peaceful approach to divorce or family disputes, enabling all parties involved to arrive at mutually agreeable solutions in a fraction of the time.

Cost-Effective: The financial burden of a courtroom battle can be overwhelming. SMC mediation provides a more affordable option, saving you from the exorbitant costs associated with court. SMC also offers lower rates for couples with a combined income of $150,000 or less.

Preserving Relationships: SMC mediation offers open communication and understanding in disputes where ongoing relationships matter. Unlike the adversarial nature of the court room, mediation strives for cooperation and collaboration.

Personalized and Flexible Approach: Every case is unique, and SMC understands that. The mediation process is tailored to suit your situation’s needs and dynamics, ensuring a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to resolution.

Neutral Ground: SMC mediation sessions provide a neutral and confidential environment for all parties to discuss their concerns, interests, and perspectives openly. This environment fosters a productive atmosphere for finding common ground.

Empowerment: SMC mediation empowers you to actively participate in shaping the outcome. Rather than leaving decisions to a judge, you retain control over the solutions that best align with your family’s interests.

Client-Centric Approach: At Sage Mediation and Consulting, you’re not a case number but a valued individual seeking resolution. The client-centric approach ensures that your unique needs and concerns are at the forefront of our efforts.

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