25 years of experience

Meet Sarah Hannah-Spurlock

Sarah Hannah-Spurlock offers a blend of local government management and mediation skills honed over a career that spans three decades. Her certification as a Civil Circuit and County mediator by the Florida Supreme Court enhances her capability to guide nuanced mediation discussions. Sarah’s experience is rooted in a deep commitment to community-driven solutions and policy development, with a track record of leading local, state, and national initiatives. Her approach to mediation is informed by a broad understanding of stakeholder dynamics and a focus on collaborative outcomes.

Her qualifications include an ICMA-CM credential and a Master’s in Public Administration, reflecting a solid governance and public service foundation. Sarah’s diverse roles in government—covering areas from urban planning to public safety to utilities—underscore her adaptable leadership style and comprehensive perspective on effective administration.

Driven by a commitment to public service, Sarah is known for her strategic thinking and dedication to fostering engaging relationships between government and residents. She is skilled in areas critical to effective governance, such as strategic planning, budget management, public communications, and team leadership. Her experience with union negotiations, performance assessments, and navigating crises highlights her capacity to address challenges with resilience and foresight. Moreover, Sarah advocates for women in leadership and actively supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives.

Sarah Hannah-Spurlock’s career reflects a commitment to bridging gaps and promoting unity through informed policy-making and thoughtful mediation. Her experience and approach make her a valuable partner in pursuing shared goals and resolving disputes with a focus on forward-looking solutions.