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Sage dedicates itself to driving positive change through strategic consulting services that empower local governments and businesses to excel in today’s dynamic landscape. Our comprehensive expertise spans various areas, ensuring that we can assist you in achieving your goals effectively and efficiently.

Court Mediator

Conflict Resolution Support/Advice

Sarah Hannah-Spurlock can provide other valuable assistance if you do not engage her as your mediator. She can offer guidance and recommendations to assist you in reaching the desired resolution during the conflict resolution process. She can provide insights, strategies, and practical advice to help you navigate and effectively address the dispute process. She will support you in achieving a positive outcome, utilizing knowledge and expertise to guide you through the challenges of conflict resolution.

Local Government Support

Sarah provides expert conflict resolution services tailored for cities and counties. Whether you’re dealing with internal organizational disputes or broader community conflicts, Sarah is here to help. She offers specialized training for staff to enhance their conflict resolution skills and serves as a neutral mediator to facilitate effective resolutions. With Sarah’s guidance, your team can navigate conflicts smoothly and foster a more collaborative environment.

Sarah offers unparalleled expertise in launching and managing successful nighttime initiatives for cities. With experience as a pioneer in the field, she understands the intricacies of transforming urban spaces into vibrant, secure nighttime destinations. As a founding member of the Nighttime Economy Culture and Policy (NITECAP) Alliance, she can guide cities in fostering community engagement economic growth and leveraging their nightlife potential.

SMC also specializes in crafting impactful reports, memos, and documents, enhancing communication to a professional level. They ensure clear and persuasive communication, from budget narratives to memos for elected bodies and information for residents and businesses.

Finally, SMC offers expert support for managing complex projects like research and process management without adding full-time staff. This assistance enables you to achieve your goals effectively.

Other Services